As an islander I have always seen ships as a means of transport to reach what in Sardinia we call “the continent”.
My style of traveling is very different from seeing a ship as a comfortable hotel/restaurant on which to spend most of the time, as if the portu cities were only a secondary interlude between a meal, a dance, a karaoke song, a dip in swimming pool and well-deserved rest at the end of the day.

The Hurtigruten can be used in both ways, so I have chosen it.

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In the common imagination, Siberia is always a very cold and inhospitable place.
For this reason, going to Siberia was my objective.

The Siberian region occupies almost 75% of the Russian territory, going from the Urals to the Pacific and from the borders with Mongolia and China to Arctic Ocean.

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Trip in Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Beijing crossing Mongolia. The most famous world train trip. This is the travel which changed my life.