The name North Cape immediately suggests that reaching it represents a fundamental stop in our life, or at least in the experience of travelers.

Imagining yourself here at the end of the world can be true, even if only in part.

As I have explained here, Knivskjellodden is the true North Cape of Europe (excluding Svalbard Islands).

Nordkapp can therefore be considered the tourist North Cape.
Its scenic and easily accessible location makes it perfect for this purpose.

Go to Nordkapp from Honningsvag

Reaching the famous North Cape is as easy as it is expensive, if you have not your own means of transport.
The bus to Nordkapp leaves from the Tourist Office in Honningsvag.


Hurtigruten ship arrives in the Port of Honningsvag - trip to North Cape


In the summer period there are 3 buses: at 11.45, 16.00 and 22.00.
The first bus is also used for Hurtigruten excursions so is better to book in advance to find the ticket.
The cost of the excursion is about 75 euros (for those who book from the ship is about 150 euros), including the entrance ticket to the site for 2 days, the round trip of about 45 minutes each way and a stop about 1 hour.

It is not possible to stay in Nordkapp beyond the time included in the excursion.
Or rather, no one forces you to get back on the bus, but you may have to return to Honningsvag footing.
The second and third daily buses do not leave Honningsvag if there aren’t tourists at the bus station.

In that time availableyou will have plenty of time to take your pictures, but obviously not the freedom to hold you back to wait for the right light, the midnight sun, the northern lights, the end of the rain or the fog to clear .


trip to North Cape - how arrive at Nordkapp


The best way is therefore to arrive with your own vehicle, following the indications on the E69, which ends in Nordkapp.
You will surely see someone arriving on foot or by bike after crossing all of Europe, groups of motorcyclists, scooters, cars, campers and improbable vehicles.
If you arrive by boat or plane, you can take a rental car in front of the Honningsvag Tourist Point or the petrol station just outside the city.
I did this: around 100 euros for 24 hours, without credit card request but with kasco insurance included.

Parking for vehicles is very close to the entrance and there will be no effort to do.


trip to North Cape - how arrive at Nordkapp

Being at Nordkapp

After passing the entrance bar, on the right there are 7 coin-shaped sculptures. Seven boys come here for one week in 1988 and created “boys of the Earth”, this monument symbol of cooperation, friendship, hope and joy.


Nordkapp - boys of the Earth


Than you find another sculpture, a child with his mother.


Nordkapp - mom and son


On the other side there is a small obelisk indicating the passage of the King Oscar II in 1873.


Nordkapp - King Oscar II 1873


There is a building with bar and a souvenir shop.
For some absurd reason they do not put the Nordkapp stamp on the passport.


Nordkapp - 71°10'21''


Nordkapp - arrow


After this extension, obviously I say that the symbol of Nordkapp is the globe in the cliff almost overlooking the sea.
You could like o don’t like this sculpture but it represents a point of arrival.


Nordkapp - globe


Nordkapp - Sun at North Pole


Being here, at the mercy of the arctic wind in the rain, the midnight sun or the northern lights is the realization of another dream.



Nordkapp - from afair


Nordkapp - Knivskjellodden


Nordkapp - Knivskjellodden from afair

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