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I’m Matteo, born in Cagliari on 1986.

For an islander, planes and ships are common means of transport, as well as cars or trains for those who live on the mainland, which we call “the continent”.

When I was a child, I’ve been traveling with my family, and then up and down italy for sports, friends, work, life.

In the summer of 2009, at a particular time for me, I felt the need to get away from the usual routine, taking a trip abroad.
Two years earlier I went to Paris not alone and it was a nightmare trip.
Now I remember it with a smile, because it pushed me to organize solo trip not to come back home with regrets.

It made me decide to leave with myself. Not alone. With myself.

I chose a destination that was relatively close but that fascinated me for the context so familiar to me: Euskal Herria, Basque Country.

I boarded my car by ship and arrived in Barcelona.
A lot of miles by car allowed me to feel good, maybe also to know myself better, but above all they made me free to go where I wanted, when I wanted, as I wanted.

Traveling alone has always been a choice for me, never a melancholy fallback.

2010 was a year of preparations for the trip always dreamed and now become possible.

I still remember how I described the 2011 trip at home: “I have to go to Russia… but I’ll return from Beijing… across Mongolia… I take the Trans-Siberian alone!”.

When I got back, I had nothing to think about the next trip.
I have come back 4 times to Russia, travelled in Asia (North Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos), I have been to South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Brasil and Colombia), I have been in the southernmost city (Ushuaia) and in the northernmost cityLongyearbyen), I saw endangered animals and all those of the savannah in Tanzania, I swam with whales, I have seen magma explosions on the crater rim of a volcano, I have travelled back to the future, I have dived without cage with sharks at -100 ft, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, I have lived the history of Ancient Egypt and I still have so much to do and see.

I often heard myself ask what was the most beautiful place I saw, the best trip. Is impossible to give a clear answer. But one was crucial.

Beyond the places, beyond the people met, beyond everything, the Trans-Siberian train is the trip who changed my life, because it gave me the awareness of being able to really go everywhere without problem
It taught me to dream and above all to make my dreams come true.

Travels are a fundamental part of my life. A priority.
Because travelling I’m totally free.

Every place on the Earth has become a reachable point for me.
I know I can go where I want.
“When” depends only by me, about the priority I give and the situations that lead when I have to booking.


Traveling is a dream that was born slowly and then became a need.
Along a lot of miles I had incredible experiences, I have been in places studied in history and geography books and I met peoples and cultures that made me better.

Maybe I’m afraid of losing memories and forgetting something.
That’s why I started to write about my travels.

In my site there is all of myself, my experiences and my passions.

I’ve always liked to write, sometimes even more than to speak.
And I’ve always written directly in good copy.
The “bad” for me has always been a waste of time and an extra effort.

I always liked computer science.
I have always admired the anarchist freedom of hackers: boys considered first misfits and then criminals, only because with a computer in their hands they showed talent, cunning, intelligence, curiosity.
The Conscience of a Hacker (also known as “The Hacker Manifesto”), written by “The Mentor” on January 8, 1986, a few days before I was born, marked my connection with PCs.

I’ve always liked taking photos and videos.
A nice photo for me is the one taken by seizing the moment.
Postproduction and special effects have never fascinated me.
I have seen photos so modified that they seem fake.
Or at least, that’s what they send me.

I have already talked about how travel and dreams are related to me.
And cosmorevas is perhaps my biggest dream, my deepest journey.
I’m aware that I can reach any place on Earth.
Cosmorevas is my dream (revas in Esperanto) of traveling in the cosmo.
15 years ago I never thought I’d travel around the world and instead I did and continue to do so.
I have the consciousness that I’ll be able to realise my dream of going to space.

Travel, writing, computer science, photography and dreams.

This is what you find on my website.